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Enjoy a
girls' trip
Instagrammable trip
Girls' trips are all about creating memorable
moments, aren't they? Just by adding hair ornaments
and changing into matching Edo-style outfits, your
spirits will certainly be lifted! Dressed in a kimono,
rest assured you'll look stunning in photos,
no matter where in the city you take them!

What's your Edo outfit of the day?

Today, let's transform into the beautiful trio of Edo's town girls.
It's the start of a girls' trip
with a touch of elegance.


Become an Edo Beauty

After experiencing traditional Japanese makeup, known as "Beni," and the art of playing the three-stringed shamisen, immerse yourself in Edo culture by having a fun photoshoot at various photogenic spots throughout the town.

Beneficial for Body and Beauty Edo Cuisine

Edo-style cuisine offers a variety of healthy options, such as soba noodles and tofu. Of course, don't forget to indulge in some sweets during your leisurely strolls.

Laugh, cry, be mesmerized,
and detox!?

After being moved to tears and laughter by the heartfelt theater performances, immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of Oiran to refresh both your mind and body.

Must-See Souvenirs to Enhance Your Feminine Power!

At Edo Wonderland, we offer a delightful selection of souvenirs that women will love. How about the popular Oiran pack or some "Beni" makeup products?

Recommended Spots for a Girls' Trip

  • Experience

    Learn refined culture at the Modern Edo-Tech Museum!

    Cultivating knowledge is also a ladies duty. You'll surely be intrigued by the exhibits aimed at enhancing feminine allure, featuring the history of items like combs and cosmetics.

  • Experience

    Experience the Elegant Rouge Makeup

    Experience the makeup transformation of becoming an Edo beauty. Let's accentuate your kimono outfit with a touch of authentic rouge.

  • Edo Photo Session

    The town of Edo is full of photogenic spots. Not only within the town, but you can also enjoy a stylish ride on a traditional yakata boat, creating unforgettable photo moments.

  • Theatre

    Were Oiran the Top Models of Edo!?

    Speaking of Oiran, they were indeed the top stars of Edo! The sight of them strolling gracefully in tall geta sandals during the Oiran parade is truly breathtaking.

  • Transform

    Beauty, Talent, and the Way of the Samurai!

    How about ending your girly journey with a fitness experience in Edo style? Even the way of the samurai, if seen from a different perspective, could possibly boost your feminine power.