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Experience life as an Edo resident in the charming streets of Edo.
When you transform into an Edo person, you'll feel like Edo is your own hometown.
Choose from over 20 different roles and stroll through the streets of Edo.
The Edo residents of Edo Wonderland will interact with you as if you were one of the locals.
Why not try living a day as a completely different person, as an Edo local?
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Facility Introduction

A glimpse inside the mysterious inn called Jiku which connects the modern world and Edo. The facility provides restrooms, lockers to store guests' belongings, as well as the costumes and tools needed for transformation.

Opening Hours

Summer Season:
March 20th - November 30th

9:00 - 16:00

Winter Season:
December 1st - March 19th

9:30 - 15:00

*May close early depending on the level of congestion.

Estimated Change Time


*Time may vary depending on the costume.

Notes for Use

  • The time required may vary depending on the costume, and there may be a waiting time depending on the volume of visitors.
  • Tabi socks are provided only during the winter season (excluding some items).
  • Images of the menu are for illustration purposes only.
  • For safety reasons, pregnant individuals are not allowed to change costumes.
  • Children's transformation is limited to children up to 6th grade of elementary school.
  • We do not accept advance reservations, except for Oiran, which requires a reservation one week in advance.
  • Credit card payment is available.
  • If you have any questions, please ask our staff.