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Come enjoy the wonders of Edo...


Edo Wonderland is full of fun things to see and do!


    Modern Edo-Tech Museum

    The Modern Edo-Tech Museum exhibits items designedfor daily use, which were … more

  • Edo Work Experience

    Edo Work Experience

    See what its like to be a ninja, Edo policeman or a samurai swordsmen … more

  • Meet Nyan-mage

    Meet Nyan-mage

    There is a very special character residing in Edo Wonderland by the … more

  • Oedo Photo Gallery

    O-Edo Photo Gallery

    Edo reveals a different face for every season. The beautiful architecture, the lush … more

  • Dress Up Edo Style

    Dress Up Edo Style

    To deepen your experience in Edo and create some beautiful photo memories … more

  • Experience the Edo Period

    Experience the Edo Period

    There are a variety of programs at Edo Wonderland designed to give you … more

  • Performances


    The theatre was a special pleasure for the people of the Edo Period, and … more

  • Dining


    Culinary culture bloomed in the Edo Period and at Edo Wonderland you can … more

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