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Edo's food culture flourished during the Edo period, where dining became a delightful experience.
At Edo Wonderland, we offer various menus that are modern adaptations of the dishes from that era.
Additionally, you can savor the joy of Edo's food culture through seasonal events and experiences.
How about hopping between Edo's shopping streets and savoring the gourmet delights of Edo with our Edo Gourmet Tour?
*Please note that menu items and prices may change without prior notice. We appreciate your understanding in case of sold-out items.
Yabu Soba


Yabu Soba

The soba shop was also a gathering place for Edo's craftsmen.
Named after its origin in a bamboo thicket, you can find bamboo decorations inside.
The most popular menu is the famous Kaki-age Soba.
It's also enjoyable to compare the taste with the "Miso-dare" (miso-based sauce), which was consumed before soy sauce-based noodle soup became popular.
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Yama Kujira


Yama Kujira

The name of this restaurant originates from the Edo period when eating meat was taboo,
and pork was referred to as "Yama Kujira,” (mountain whale) a euphemism.
The restaurant's signature dishes include large skewers of domestically sourced chicken and duck, the savory aroma of which fills the shopping district.
Don't miss the assortment of rice bowls served piping hot.
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Shinano-ya Café


Shinano-ya Café

When you need a break from the excitement, find respite at Shinano-ya, just as one would have during the Edo period.
This sweet shop offers delicious cold brew coffee and tea made with natural water from Nikko,
alongside Japanese sweets such as anmitsu and warabi mochi.
Enjoy a relaxing break in this tranquil atmosphere.
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Recognized by its dumpling stand out front, Kamado-ya is often bustling with locals looking for their favorite dumplings.
Inside, you'll find a menu brimming with hearty dishes, such as beef tendon over rice and yuba rice, guaranteed to satisfy both the appetites and hearts of Edo's merchants.
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During the summer, the shaved ice made from Nikko's natural ice is highly popular.
The ice, frozen slowly at low temperatures during winter,
is shaved into a fluffy dessert that's a refreshing treat in summer.
Also, don't miss out on the unique Edo Wonderland specialty meat buns, such as Ninja-man and Inoshishi-man!
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Other Dining Options

Edo Wonderland offers a variety of take-away options at eateries such as “Shinobi-tei," “Ryogoku-tei," and “Matcha-an.
Enjoy strolling through the park while indulging in treats like shaved ice made from Nikko's natural ice, soft serve ice cream, and skewered dumplings.