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family time
Happy trip
Turn the whole family into characters from Edo,
and a simple walk through the town becomes a
delightful scene. Enjoy a day filled with watching plays,
throwing shuriken, experiencing traditional crafts,
and having a blast.

First, Transform!

If the whole family transforms,
it brings about a refreshing feeling different from usual.
Let's spend the day as Edo professionals!


Infiltrate the Town of
Edo as Your Dream

Ninja and samurai are heroes to children.
Witness the serious gazes of your kids,
feeling a different kind of admiration for their heroes – a truly touching moment for parents!

Various Shops:
What's Your Lunch Mood Today?

As you walk through the Edo merchant streets,
delicious aromas waft from all around.
Indulge in Edo cuisine following your instincts.

Hey Kids, Time for a Runaround!

The various experiential facilities scattered throughout the Edo town
are sure to awaken the active spirits of children.
It's a perfect photo opportunity for dads!

What Souvenirs to Bring Back
from this Extraordinary Journey?

Find unique souvenirs that embody the spirit of Edo
for a special day to remember.
For those who have proven to be skilled ninja,
how about some ninja merchandise as a keepsake?

Recommended Spots for Family

  • Experience

    Experience the Immersive
    World of the Ninja

    By the end of the training,
    everyone will undoubtedly
    become skilled professionals.

  • Experience

    Embrace the Samurai
    Experience, Learn the Way
    of the Samurai

    Next up after the ninja experience
    is becoming a samurai!
    Learn swordsmanship and the
    samurai code, and walk through
    the streets of Edo with a
    commanding presence.

  • Experience

    Become an Edo Artisan
    with Traditional Crafts!?

    At Edo Wonderland, you can experience various traditional crafts. Weaving and spinning thread are particularly popular experiences!

  • Experience

    A Thrilling Performance
    at the Ninja Theater!

    ninja darting across the stage with incredible power and agility. The unexpected twists in the storyline will captivate both adults and children alike.