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Enjoy time
with your
loved one
Romantic getaway
For lovers, a time-travel journey to Edo can be
a special event that deepens their bond. By
transforming into Edo residents and spending a day
exploring the emotionally rich town of Edo, you
might discover new facets of each other.

How Will You Two
Spend the Day?

The way you choose to spend your day in Edo
can change depending on the roles you assume.
How about dressing up as a lord and princess for a glamorous couple experience?


Couple Experience!

Edo offers a variety of cultural experiences that couples can enjoy together. Participating and learning together can deepen your bond even further.

How about a Date
Exploring Edo Gourmet Food?

There are many restaurants to eat in,
but if you're feeling a bit peckish,
why not try strolling and snacking on some yakitori skewers?


Stroll through the town, visit theaters, and explore photo spots to capture memories of your journey while leisurely enjoying the Edo atmosphere.

Souvenirs that
Revive the Memories
of Your Journey

How about taking home some hand crafted Edo Kiriko cut glassware as a memento of your unforgettable couple's trip? We also have a variety of souvenirs that will serve as cherished memories forever.

Recommended Spots for Couples

  • Experience

    Experience the
    Edo Rockstar

    Try your hand at playing the Shamisen, an instrument not often encountered in daily life. How about trying to perform a piece together in harmony?

  • Let's Take the Best Shots

    Edo Wonderland is full of picturesque spots everywhere. From the top of Ryogoku Bridge, capture a quintessential Edo-style photo with the bustling merchant district in the background.

  • The Love Shrine - Great Edo Tenmangu Shrine

    The Great Edo Tenmangu Shrine, located in Edo Wonderland, is rumored to offer blessings for love and relationships. Let's write your wishes on an ema wooden prayer plaque of Nyan-mage-sama together!

  • Experience

    A Quiet Moment on a Yakata Boat Cruise

    Take a leisurely cruise on a yakata-bune boat, advancing along the moat with the Edo townscape on the side. The time spent admiring the beautiful flowers provides a feel of the unique elegance of Edo.

  • Experience

    Bewitched by the Oiran Procession

    Experience a splendid and opulent Oiran procession, just like a scene out of a movie. Immerse yourself in an awe-inspiring experience that lasts about 20 minutes.