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What is Edo Wonderland?
Edo Wonderland is a cultural park
that faithfully
recreates the vast
Edo town against the backdrop
of the beautiful mountains of Nikko.
You can either transform into
an Edo resident like
the ninjas, samurais,
and townspeople you see around
the town, or enjoy the experience as
a time traveler
from a foreign land
visiting the Edo period - the
choice is yours.
Regardless of your choice,
a day exploring the Edo town will lead
you to
encounter various fascinating stories,
creating a unique and special travel

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Transformation Place
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Want to Meet Nyan-mage

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Want to Meet Nyan-mage

In Edo Wonderland, there is a somewhat quirky resident.
Its name is "Nyan-mage."
With a fluffy body and a distinctive topknot hairstyle as a trademark,
it's a mysterious combination.
Despite being an unusual presence in the streets of Edo, Nyan-mage stands out from afar,
so if you see it, be sure to take a commemorative photo.
Nyan-mage is always surrounded by children and is a popular character.
Name Nyan-mage
Hometown Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Height Unknown
Personality Always at its own pace.
Described as "always in a daze." Silent.
Signature Pose Welcoming Nyan-mage
Nyan-mage, which strangely blends into the streets of Edo,
has been captured in various picturesque scenes.
If you spot Nyan-mage, it's a perfect photo opportunity!

Chonmage (topknot)

The trademark that became the reason for Nyan-mage's name, "A cat with a chonmage." The ends of the hair are intentionally left untrimmed, maintaining a slightly ronin like hairstyle.


With round eyes, it's hard to tell exactly what Nyan-mage is looking at. There are rumors that Nyan-mage "avoids looking at things it doesn't want to see."


The six well-extended whiskers are considered strong evidence supporting the theory that "Nyan-mage may actually be a cat." It is said that Nyan-mage diligently takes care of its whiskers every day.


A small and adorable little mouth. Nyan-mage has no food preferences and eats in a polite manner.

Welcoming Hand

The signature pose for taking commemorative photos. It's said that everyone can take a great photo when they say "Nyan" in sync with the movement of Nyan-mage's left front paw.


Nyan-mage used to be slimmer in the past, but with age, it has developed a plump belly. Many people find the "puffed-up and cute belly" endearing.


For what is known as a "mascot character," Nyan-mage is unusually tall. He tries to bend down when small children come, but sometimes this frightens the children, who might start crying. Nyan-mage reflects on this.

Nyan-mage is considered a pioneering figure of the current
"mascot character" craze and is seen as an original presence
in this realm.
Its distinctive feature is the small head and relatively tall
body proportion.
He has a total of 6 whiskers, three on each side, and wears
a red collar with a gold bell.
His quirky expression and unique, wobbly walk have been
described as "indescribably cute," sparking its popularity.
The TV commercial "Jump to Nyan-mage" caused a surge of
people trying to jump on Nyan-mage,
but due to safety concerns, such actions are now discouraged.
Among the people of Edo, it's often heard that Nyan-mage, known for his laziness, tends to return home swiftly.
He means no harm, but apparently, he's been feeling its physical limits lately.
While Nyan-mage has a knack for mysteriously appearing and disappearing, there are a few places where it has been spotted more frequently.
If you really want to meet Nyan-mage, it might be worth asking the locals in Edo.