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the seasons
Emotional journey
Edo town unfolds with the mountains of Nikko
as its backdrop. With the changing seasons,
the ambiance of Edo's townscape also changes.
Be entranced by the varying expressions of Edo,
showcasing its allure according to seasonal events.
春 Spring

Cherry Blossoms
Lining the Moat

In this season, the best place to feel the spring at Edo Wonderland is by the moat. The cherry blossoms color the water surface, and the cherry tree-lined path leading to Taikobashi Bridge exudes spring in full bloom from every angle.

  • Cherry Blossoms in Edo

  • Shinryoku New Green

  • Girl’s Day

  • Children’s Day

Summer 夏

A Bustling Merchant
Street with Vibrant
Summer Decorations

During summer, the merchant district buzzes with the energy and excitement of summer festivals. The nostalgic scenery, which is held dear in the hearts of all Japanese, comes to life amidst the shouts of men carrying portable shrines and the cheers of the crowd.

  • Ashimizu-jyo

  • Nikko natural ice

  • Cool summer decorations

  • Tanabata Festival

秋 Autumn

Edo's Mountains,
Beautifully Colored

Autumn in Edo Wonderland is a season of dramatic changes in color. When the ginkgo leaves start turning yellow, it signals the arrival of autumn. The town and the mountains gradually change from yellow to red, being tinged with gold.

  • Edo Ginkgo Tree

  • Maples

  • Ogasawara-style
    Shichi-Go-San Ceremony

  • Ninja Shichi-Go-San

Winter 冬

Edo Town, Dressed
in a Coat of Snow

In the harsh cold of snowy winters, seeing Edo's snow-covered townscape can evoke a sense of warmth. If you walk through the silver world dressed in vibrant kimonos, a new story will begin to unfold.

  • Edo's townscape
    only in winter

  • Heartwarming
    Atmosphere in Edo

  • New Year’s Day

  • Setsubun