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When you visit Edo Wonderland surrounded by nature,
you can witness various expressions depending on the season.
Furthermore, there are seasonal events that allow you to
immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Edo period.
Please come and enjoy the changing charm of Edo with each season.
*The images are for illustration purposes.
Please note that event titles and content
may change or be canceled, so kindly understand in advance.

Featured Events

Featured Events

Spring Events

Momo no Sekku (Girls' Day)の画像

Momo no Sekku (Girls' Day)

We carry out the traditional event "Nagashi-bina", a ritual that has continued from ancient times where people transfer their impurities to dolls and send them on a boat down a river.
Tango no Sekku (Boys' Day)の画像

Tango no Sekku (Boys' Day)

This is Edo Wonderland's Tango no Sekku celebration,
where we wish for the magnificent growth of children. Koi streamers soar high above the moat.

Summer Events

Tanabata Festivalの画像

Tanabata Festival

Experience the romance of the sky in Edo.
Write your wishes on colorful strips of paper and tie them to bamboo branches.
Edo Summer Nightの画像

Edo Summer Night

A mystical Edo night illuminated by lanterns in the darkness. This one-night-only event
features stalls and gambling suitable for Adult gatherings.
Time Travel Adventureの画像

Time Travel Adventure

Join the excitement of summer with the festivities, including Mizukake Mikoshi a portable shrine to splash with water, and a children's float. Don't miss out on the most vibrant season of the year at Edo Wonderland during the summer vacation period!

Autumn Events

Ogasawara-ryu Shichi-Go-San Ceremonyの画像

Ogasawara-ryu Shichi-Go-San Ceremony

We hold the formal hakama (samurai pants) wearing ceremony in the Ogasawara style a traditional event that has been passed down to the imperial family since the Heian period. This initiative aims to preserve and foster the old customs, traditions, and culture of Japan, to pass them on to future generations.
Ninja Shichi-Go-Sanの画像

Ninja Shichi-Go-San

A unique Shichi-Go-San ceremony unique to Edo Wonderland, where children dress up in ninja costumes, instead of the usual kimonos or Western clothes, and overcome ninja trials.

Winter Events

Honoring the New Yearの画像

Honoring the New Year

Edo Wonderland is adorned with traditional New Year decorations, where you can experience traditional games such as the lion dance, Hanetsuki, and top spinning.