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Ninja, samurai, princesses, courtesans
—Edo's stars we all admired as children.
A world that feels both new and nostalgic.
Let's return
to the Edo period.

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How to enjoy Edo Wonderland

  • Enjoy
    family time

    Happy trip

    Let your children's spirits soar as they experience Edo-era professions, transforming into brave Edo residents from various backgrounds. Embark on an adventurous journey through the Edo period as a family.
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  • Enjoy
    a girl's trip

    Instagrammable trip

    Dress up in kimono and explore Instagram-worthy spots throughout the Edo town, creating wonderful memories. Afterward, indulge in Edo's gourmet food and sweets!
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  • Enjoy time
    your loved one

    Romantic getaway

    As Samurai and town girls, transform into Edo residents from different backgrounds, igniting a forbidden love!? Enhance your feelings for each other through theatrical performances and gastronomic delights, making it a uniquely romantic date.
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  • Enjoy
    the seasons

    Emotional journey

    With the majestic mountains of Nikko as a backdrop, explore the streets of Edo. The charm of Edo's townscape changes with the seasons. Let yourself be mesmerized by the ever-changing face of Edo, showcasing its various charms in accordance with seasonal events.
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Experience Edo Wonderland

At Edo Wonderland, we offer various programs
that allow you to experience the Edo period.
Popular programs for children include Edo-era
profession experiences, and there are also Edo
cultural experiences suitable for families and
couples. You can enjoy the Edo period all day long.

Transform into an Edo citizen
〜Jiku Kimono Rental〜

Watch Plays

From intense ninja performances to heartwarming
human comedy and traditional arts,
Edo Wonderland offers various theaters
with unique performances
you can't experience anywhere else.
While strolling through the Edo town,
stopping by a theater will enhance your
enjoyment of the play in a cool Edo atmosphere.

Enjoy Food

Food culture flourished during the Edo period.
Eating was a great pleasure for the people of Edo.
From soba, yakitori, and donburi to Edo sweets,
enjoying a food tour throughout the day and exploring
the town
is one of the ways to have fun in Edo.

Travel Souvenirs

How about souvenirs from Edo as a memory of time travel?
We offer a variety of enjoyable products for both adults and children,
such as traditional crafts like Edo kiriko and beni,
as well as items like ninja shuriken and samurai swords.