Edo Water Activities

Mizukake Mikoshi / Water-splashing festival

This year too, the water festival Mizukake Mikoshi will be held at Edo Wonderland. ☆ The city will echo with the Edo peoples chants of “Basha! Basha!” This fun filled event is perfect for stress relief & beating the heat. From this year, even the general public can actively participate in this event. So, let's enjoy to the fullest!

  • Event Duration:
    July 20 (Sat) ~ August 25(Sun)
  • Event Venue: Edo Wonderland Shokagai (main street in the centre of town)
  • Event Time: 12:20 pm
  • General public participation: For those who have rented Summer Festival costume at Jiku kimono rental, please arrive at the event venue 10 min before & inform the Edo staff near-by.
Mizukake Mikoshi / Water-splashing festival Image1
Mizukake Mikoshi / Water-splashing festival Image2

Kodomodashi togyo / Kid`s pulling mikoshi

Even the kids can participate in the Edo summer festivities and get refreshed!!
Dressed in a cute happi (jacket) on, this Kodomodashi togyo event will be held everyday♪The Edo staff will teach at their best so that even small kids can participate in this fun filled event.

  • Event Duration:
    July 20 (Sat) ~ August 25(Sun)
  • Event Venue:Festival Area in centre of town
  • Event Time:11:50 am
  • General kids participation: For those who wants to participate in this event, please arrive 10 min before at the Festival area and contact the Edo staff nearby.
Kodomodashi togyo / Kid`s pulling mikoshi Image1
Kodomodashi togyo / Kid`s pulling mikoshi Image2

Water Relaxation Space

Take a rest in the cool water of the open air foot bath. Go grab yourself some Edo snacks and soak your feet in the cool natural mountain water!

  • Venue:Ashi mizu stream that flows into the main canal
Water Relaxation Space Image1
Water Relaxation Space Image2

Gintama Wonderland『Ōedo undō kyōgi-kai de dai haran!』

Gintama Wonderland Image

Popular SF fantasy animation Gintama has finally arrived this summer unfolding on the stage of Edo with extra thrill called Gintama Wonderland 『Ōedo undō kyōgi-kai de dai haran!?』。Enjoy the great voice of popular Gintama characters within the city of Edo.

Original goods presented for participants as well.

  • Event Duration:July 20 (Sat)〜October 29 (Tue) 2019

Edo Summer Cuisine

Edo Summer Cuisine Image1
Edo Summer Cuisine Image2

Nikko Natural Water
Shaved Ice

We offer Edo dishes that are perfect for a hot summer such as Yanagawa Anago Mochi, Chicken Rice Koji, Yamagashi Soba, and Nishi Koji Watermelon Juice and more at each store. Dishes prepared under the supervision of renowned Edo period cook researcher Fuyuki Rei.

  • Duration: July 19 (Fri) 〜 September 1 (Sun)

Cool Jiku - Kimono Rental「Akuno hana series」

Cool Edo Kimono rental availability. Limited stock and characters available:

  • Nezumi Kozo

    Nezumi Kozo Men-Women
    6,800 Yen

  • Ishikawa Goemon

    Ishikawa Goemon Men-Women
    9,800 Yen

  • Onna Oyabun

    Onna Oyabun Women Only
    5,500 Yen

  • Kyo kyaku

    Kyo kyaku Men-Women
    5,500 Yen

Summer Oedo Photos

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