The theatre was a special pleasure for the people of the Edo Period, and at Edo Wonderland there is a great variety of plays that you can’t see anywhere else.

From ninja action that erupts in front of your eyes, to hilarious comedy and priceless traditional Edo performance art.

How about taking in a few shows while enveloped in the Edo atmosphere?


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  • The Grand Ninja Theatre

    The Grand Ninja Theatre

    Breath taking ninja action, packed with lights and sound! Watch Ninjas ... more

  • Ryogoku-za


    The year 1694, a ronin (masterless samurai) by the name of Yasubei ... more

  • Mizugei-za


    Water is a gift from the heavens and in this secret performance with more than ... more

  • Wakamatsu-ya


    A tale of an aristocrat looking for love in the red-light district of Edo - told by an ... more

  • Nyan-mage Theatre

    Nyan-mage Theatre

    The most popular character in Edo Wonderland has got to be ... more

  • Oiran Courtesan Procession

    Oiran Courtesan Procession

    Elegant oiran courtesans parade through the streets of Edo with their full ... more

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