Experience the Edo Period

There are a variety of programs at Edo Wonderland designed to give you real Edo period experiences. For example, there is Edo work experience for children. You can also explore the secret walking of the Karasu Ninja Mansion. With the help of our talented Edo townspeople you’ll be sure to have a great time.


Edo Work Experience for Children

In Edo times there were many types of unique jobs, a selection of them are available for children to experience. This is a historically accurate program for children 5 to 12 years old.

The fun-loving Edo townspeople are expert at creating great times so you can be sure your children will get right into the spirit of things - plenty of photo ops! So don't forget your camera and video!

  • * Costume provided for duration of experience
  • * At completion participants will be presented with a certificate.
  • * Parent or guardian must be present at time of registration
  • * Registration opens 1 hour before experience starts, and closes 10 minutes before the experience starts
  • * Maximum of 20 participants for each experience, first in first served basis.
  • Ninja Experience

    Ninja Experience

    This is the most popular Edo experience of them all.
    Master foundational ninja skills, including shuriken throwing, concealment, and ninja running techniques! You never know when these skills might come in handy… the enemy could be lurking anywhere

  • Samurai Swordsmen Experience

    Samurai Swordsmen Experience

    In this program you can experience the disciplined path of a samurai swordsman. From kenjutsu sword techniques through to defensive falling techniques, these lessons will provide all the knowledge that a samurai swordsman needs.

  • Okappiki Police Experience

    Okappiki Police Experience

    This is the Edo policeman experience. With a hooked truncheon (jutte) in hand the policeman of Edo known as Okappiki patrol the streets with a robust call of ‘Go-yo da, Go-yo da’ it’s their job to catch the criminals Edo. The thrill of solving difficult riddles is also part of their jobs appeal.

More Points of Interest

  • House of Sen-gumi Fire Chief Masagoro

    House of Sen-gumi Fire Chief Masagoro

    Chief Yamaguchi Masagoro of the Edo Period Sen-gumi Fire Brigade, 2nd unit, was such a superstar that he was immortalised in woodblock prints. Here a recreation of his house has been opened to the public.
    In the Edo Machi-bikeshi Firefighters Exhibition next door enjoy learning about the activities of Edo firefighters through educational materials and exhibits.

  • Edo Machi-bikeshi Firefighters Exhibition

    Edo Machi-bikeshi Firefighters Exhibition

    Fire was a frequent occurrence in the towns of Edo, so much so that the proverb remains “Fires and fights are the flowers of Edo”. As such, in this period the neighbourhood firefighting brigades known as machi-bikeshi played an important role.
    This exhibition presents precious artefacts from the Sen-gumi Fire Brigade to help you get a close look at the reality of their lives.

  • Kai Kai Ninja House

    Kai Kai Ninja House

    In this profoundly mysterious ninja residence you’ll lose your sense of direction and space ? which way is up, which is down?! Common sense is not common, and the laws of gravity do not apply here! This is the training ground of ninjas. Put yourself through your paces and on the path become a ninja master!

  • Karakuri Ninja Maze

    Karakuri Ninja Maze

    Check out Edo Wonderland’s large ninja maze.
    Interpret the ninja proverbs to progress through the maze and don't forget this is no ordinary maze there may be secret doors and moving panels! Don’t worry there is an escape route for those who get hopelessly lost!

  • Jigoku Temple

    Jigoku Temple

    Hideous laughter and booming sounds arise from the depths of hell. This temple of hell is occupied by ghosts and ghouls.
    Notice to scaredy cats: It’s probably safer that you don’t venture in alone…

  • Kodenma Prison

    Kodenma Prison

    Standing at the rear of the Kita-machi magistrate's office is the Kodemma Prison. This institution served as a detention and punishment centre for criminals during the Edo Period.
    Three-dimensional presentations of the punishments of the day are on display. There are some gruesome details, so we recommend that those with a weak stomach bring along friends or family.

  • Kanuchi Swordsmith Exhibit

    Kanuchi Swordsmith Exhibit

    The Japanese katana - the spirit of the samurai - is said to be the strongest sword in all of history.
    Here, you can learn about the whole sword creation process, from iron sands to the final blade. This is a space to feel the samurai spirits imbued in the katana. Those that sense an aura here may just be samurai descendants.

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