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There is so much to see and do in Edo. Once you take in a show, enjoy exploring and try some Edo experiences your visit will be over before you know it.
Here, we present a number of plans to help you make the most of your visit.

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Theatre Course

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Doing the rounds of the theatre houses was a pleasure unsurpassed in the Edo Period.

At Edo Wonderland there is a wide range of shows on offer, from pulsating ninja action to heart moving stories of human compassion and of course the astonishingly beautiful traditions of the oiran. According to the Edo townsfolk each of them is a tour de force!

It would take a whole day to take in all of the theatre houses but if you pick and choose then half a day will be more than enough.

Picking up a theatre schedule at the entrance and making a plan is part of the fun!

Soak up the Atmosphere of Edo

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  • Soak up the Atmosphere of Edo2
  • Soak up the Atmosphere of Edo3
  • Soak up the Atmosphere of Edo4

Pass through the checkpoint and progress down the road to Edo. As you move through the beautifully forested highway you will soon arrive at the peaceful shukuba inn town where travellers stop to rest on the long journey to Edo.

At Edo Wonderland you’ll feel just like you are walking the real streets of Edo. All the buildings are true to life wooden structures. With such picturesque beauty this is the perfect chance to practice your photography or sketching skills. The landscape around the canal is a particularly good example of Edo beauty.

If you have time take a slow ride on the Yakata boat cruise and enjoy the atmosphere of a bygone era while taking in the Edo townscape. And when you need a rest, stop into one of the restaurants for a break and the tastes of Edo.

We recommend that you spend from three hours to half a day leisurely strolling around Edo.

Explore the Amusements and Tastes of Edo

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Another pleasure of Edo Wonderland is the chance to experience the delicacies of the Edo Period.

Yabu Soba is a regular watering hole for many Edo townspeople, and their large kakiage soba is a popular dish. Take up a position near the window and enjoy a drink while casting an eye over Edo townsfolk passing by.

Along with Yabu Soba, Yama Kujira is extremely popular - let the delicious aroma and rising smoke guide you there. Be sure to taste their specialty, chicken skewers.

There is such a diverse range of seasonal treats on offer you’ll never tire of a trip to Edo Wonderland no matter how many times you visit.

Once you’ve eaten your fill, how about trying out some shuriken throwing or archery target practice? You can also partake in some nostalgic pastimes such as spinning tops and throwing arrows into bamboo tubes at various locations. This course promises a lot of fun and games while snacking on Edo treats. We suggest you put aside at least half a day to enjoy it in full.

Kimono Rental

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To deepen your experience in Edo and create some beautiful photo memories, you can change into Edo period clothing and become an Edo inhabitant for the day.

Jiku kimono rental has a huge range of adults and children's costumes.

Transform into Edo period characters such as policeman, samurai, princess or even a lord to mention a few. Dressing as a ninja is popular for children.

You will be dressed by professional fitting staff, once you transform into your Edo self and stroll around the town, you will feel as if you were a historical drama’s main character.

After taking photos of your transformed Edo selves, you will create memories that will always stay with you.