Culinary culture bloomed in the Edo Period and at Edo Wonderland you can enjoy an array of Edo delicacies.
From the store names to the treats on offer there are many stories and anecdotes to discover - ensuring a totally Edo-infused meal. Don’t be surprised if you spot an Edo townsperson at the next table!

  • Yabu Soba

    Yabu Soba

    Yabu Soba is the watering hole for Edo craftspeople.
    With a name suggesting being hidden in a thicket (yabu) the interior of this restaurant is decorated with battered straw sandals and a bush arrangement in a large jar. The jar was used by the owner to transport his soba broth. The most popular dish is the kakisoba. This huge plate sized kakiage (mixed vegetable and seafood tempura) paired with chilled soba noodles is a must try.

  • Tori Soba-ya

    Tori Soba-ya

    Tori Soba-ya is a ramen noodle shop that skilfully brings forth the delights of chicken (tori) stock. The salted tori soba that the store takes its name from prides itself on the soup make from whole chicken boiled for eight hours in spring water. The fine balance of noodles and soup in other dishes such as the tan-tan men and chashu-men is a real treat for the taste buds. This restaurant is an elegant collaboration between Edo and China.

  • Tamaru-ya


    Enjoy our special Japanese menu in a cozy restaurant.
    We have a variety of seat arrangement for you to relax.

  • Yama Kujira

    Yama Kujira

    Eating meat was taboo in the Edo Period, but the secret code for wild boar was actually yama-kujira (mountain whale), which is where this restaurant takes its name from. The guns and straw raincoats that decorate the interior are traces of that time. This restaurant’s specialty is delicious grilled skewers of chicken, beef, pork and duck - you can always follow the delicious smoky aroma down the main street. The various don (ricebowls) with steaming hot rice are another taste not to be missed.

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