The Edo Period saw the development of a variety of games.
At Edo Wonderland you can try some of these simple pastimes.
Try such activities as shuriken throwing and archery - once you get the hang of it you can surely master it.
Even modern kids who can’t get off their smartphones and game consoles get hooked on these games.

  • Yakata Boat Cruise

    Yakata Boat Cruise

    Jump on board our Yakata boat cruise and soak in the peaceful atmosphere while travelling the canals that surround the Edo townscape. Viewing the city by water is another delightful way to experience Edo. Be sure to check out the skills of the oarsman, powering the boat with one oar just like in the times of Edo.

  • Shuriken Dojo

    Shuriken Dojo

    This is the ninja training ground for the shuriken - one of the ninja’s seven tools.
    Breathe deeply, and let out a shout as you launch the ninja throwing star - come on, give it a go!

  • Yaba Archery Dojo

    Yaba Archery Dojo

    This is the archery training hall. At the sound of the drum draw your bow, take aim… and let the arrows fly!
    It might be a little difficult at first but under the careful guidance of the Edo trainer you could find yourself an archery champion in no time!


To keep the memories of your trip to Edo alive and to bring the delight home to others, Edo Wonderland offers a wide range of unique souvenirs for you to choose from.
In addition to the ever-popular Nyan-mage products you can pick up limited edition goods such as real Edo curios, art, and the delicious Japanese treat ‘Sode no Shita Manju’. You’ll be sure to find something to add the icing on the cake to your Edo adventure.

  • Ebisu-ya


    Passing the checkpoint on the road home from Edo, you’ll find Ebisu-ya on the left hand side. In addition to a whole heap of the ever-popular Nyan-mage goods you’ll also find an array of Edo treasures for sale.
    If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or are not sure what to choose just ask one of the helpful staff.

  • Nakamono-ya


    This is where you can find wood block prints know as ukiyoe “pictures of the floating world” and if you come at the right time you might find one of the staff engrossed in painting. You’d be lucky to find fine ukiyoe like this anywhere else.

  • Echigo-ya


    Echigo-ya is a celebrated dry goods store known for its delicious golden brown treats, the Japanese treat ‘Sode no Shita Manju’ is very popular. Also available are Tenugui, a traditional dyed cloth which is often used as a tea-towel, head band, neck scarf and even for decorative purposes. Tenugui come in a huge variety of beautiful dyed colours and designs and are highly recommended as a unique souvenir.

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