What is Edo Wonderland?


Welcome to Edo Wonderland.
Take a step back in time. You will be enveloped
in the beauty and wonder of Edo… before you
may appear a samurai with his hair in a topknot
or even an oiran courtesan with her
breathtaking beauty…. that’s the ever
surprising world waiting for you here!
Let's take a look around.

The village is divided into five areas.
Kaido (Road to Edo), Shukuba-machi (Inn
Town), Shokagai (Market District),
Buke-yashiki (Samurai Residence), and Ninja
no Sato (Ninja Village).
With true to the times architecture you'll be sure to
enjoy the unique townscapes.

One of the best things about Edo Wonderland is that you can
experience the Edo Period for yourself. Dressing up in
traditional Edo clothes is extremely popular! Walking through the
streets of Edo as an Edo citizen is a feeling that can't be beaten.
And kids, how about dressing up as a ninja, or having fun
learning some Edo Period skills by joining the Edo Work
Experience for Children.

There are so many things to experience at Edo Wonderland. It's
not just sightseeing it's a chance to really get to know the Edo
period up close.

Along the way you'll get to meet a variety of lively Edo
Wonderland characters who will make it a truly unique and
memorable experience!

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